Doctors and Staff

Dr. Steven C. Riggleman

Riggleman web-site 015 Dr. Riggleman's first experience with chiropractic was the result of a back injury he sustained when he was 17 years old.  He received treatment by his family doctor for almost a year with no results, leading him to consult a chiropractor.  He began to experience results immediately and within several months, he was completely free of pain.

Two years later Dr. Riggleman was involved in a serious automobile accident and spent five weeks in the hospital.  As a result of the accident he was told he would have permanent problems and possibly disability due to the damage to his pelvis and hip.  After discharge from the hospital he returned to chiropractors, Dr. Neil Williams and Dr. Lowell Williams, for treatment.  Forty years later he has had no problems from his injuries. 

Dr. Riggleman's early experiences with chiropractic treatment, helped him make the decision to pursue a career in chiropractic.  Dr. Riggleman did his undergraduate studies at Potomac State College of West Virginia University and Salem College (now Salem University). He then enrolled at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated in 1972.  After graduation Dr. Riggleman accepted a position as an associate with Purser Chiropractic Clinic in Portsmouth, Virginia and at the Chiropractic Clinic in Newport News, Virginia.  It was not long before Dr. Riggleman realized that he wanted to be closer to his home of Moorefield, West Virginia.  After receiving an invitation from Dr. Joseph L. Ervin to come to Harrisonburg, Dr. Riggleman opened an office on Court Square in Harrisonburg (August 1972).

In 1974 Dr. Riggleman became interested in acupuncture and along with his good friend, the late Dr. Jack S. Mask, he began attending acupuncture seminars across the country.  Today he holds the designation of Fellow, with the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  The IAMA is an academy comprised of health professionals that utilize scientific information and research in the practice of acupuncture.  Dr. Riggleman is also licensed by the State of Virginia to perform Acupuncture.

Over the years Dr. Riggleman has served in various capacities in both state and local chiropractic societies.  He currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Riggleman's hobbies include hunting, fishing, gardening, and cooking.  He is an avid reader and has been known to write poetry on occasion.  He also has a great sense of humor and loves a good joke.

Dr. Riggleman and his wife Rosemarie have two children, Evan and Whitney.  Evan graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Sports, and Health Education with a concentration in Athletic Training.  He is now enrolled at his Dad's alma mater, Logan University College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri.  Whitney graduated from Virgina Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  She is now studying Nursing  at J. Sergeant Reynolds College in Richmond, Virginia.


Raylon - Ground Security 

Hi, my name is Raylon.  I am the new kid on the block.  You may know my boss, Maverick.  Well Maverick has taught me well about grounds security so you may see me out and about doing an inspection.  Only thing is, I am not a "morning" dog so I usually do not come to work until the afternoon shift.  I don't move as fast as Maverick either but I seem to still get the job done.  Now my other job is patient and employee and patient relations and like Maverick, I do not have to work at that very hard because I am just as cute as Maverick. 

  Maverick Maverick - Patient and Staff Relations

Hi, my name is Maverick.  I have been here for about a year.  My main job is patient and staff relations.  It consists of brightening up everyone's day.  I have been told that I do not have to work hard at that, cause I am just so darn cute.  One other job I have is grounds security.  I go out every couple of hours and check out the grounds to make sure everything is in order.  My last job is my favorite.  I am in charge of outgoing mail.  I make sure that all outgoing mail gets to the mailbox before mail pick up time and I do not care if it is raining, snowing, cold, or steaming hot, I make sure that the mail goes.  Call me crazy but I love the long trail to the mailbox.  So if you come by the office, look me up.  I will do my best to brighten your day.

Rose marie Rosemarie - Office Manager 

Hello, I am Rosemarie. I am the office manager of Riggleman Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic.  I have been employed with Dr. Riggleman since 1981.  It has been a joy working with our patients and learning to know so many wonderful people in our community.  I have seen chiropractic and acupuncture care improve the quality of living for people of all ages,  from infants all the way up to our young, ninety year old patients.  I would like to thank Dr. Riggleman for giving me the opportunity to receive such valuable experience in the healthcare field.                    

  marci Marci - Chiropractic Assistant

Hello, my name is Marci and I have been with Dr. Riggleman for 11 years.  I currently work in the office 3 days a week as a chiropractic assistant mainly performing the therapy and making sure our patients are happy and comfortable during their office visits.  

I am the mother of an energetic 7 year old boy and enjoy spending time with him and my family.  My physical and mental health are my top priority in my life(besides my son of course).  I maintain my health by regular adjustments from Dr. Riggleman, walking my neighborhood, yoga, and laughing with my husband. 

As a child, my main goal in life was to find a way to help others.  I have been able to achieve this personal goal through my position in the office.  It is a true joy to help people and see the improvement that our office provides.  

Amanda   Amanda - Chiropractic Assistant

Hi, my name is Amanda Mace.  I am a chiropractic assistant here at Dr. Riggleman's office Since 2007.  I've lived in Harrisonburg area my whole life.  I am married to a JMU graduate who now has his own business.  I have twin eleven year old boys and love spending my spare time with my family and two dogs.  I have a great job with a great atmosphere and enjoy working with a wonderful staff.  I am a firm believer in chiropractic care  and have now introduced the care to my two children and my husband.  I have the opportunity to do therapy  on our patients and find it satisfying to hear their stories of success.  What a pleasure to go home knowing that you helped make a difference in someone's life.

Misty Roadcap - Chiropractic Assistant

Hi, my name is Misty Roadcap.  I am a chiropractic assistant here at Dr. Riggleman's office.  I work 3 days a week and the rest of my week consists of being at home with my husband and 3 daughters.  I enjoy music, camping, and spending time with my family.  I have lived in this area my whole life. 

Since I have been at Dr. Riggleman's, I have seen the many benefits of chiropractic care.  I have enjoyed talking with the patients and being a part of their therapy to help improve their lives.  I very happy to be helping others.

Layla Layla - Insurance Specialist

My name is Layla and I am the Insurance Specialist at Dr. Riggleman's office.  I was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  My husband and I decided in 1989 to relocate to the Harrisonburg area to give our children a safe and wholesome place to grow up.

I have always loved the medical field and started working in it in 1996 at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.  I worked in the emergency room medical records department .  While there, I attended National Business College studying Medical Coding and Billing.  With my diploma I started coding for the emergency room.  Two years later I was asked to teach medical coding classes at National Business College which I did for 3 years. 

I have had the privilege of working for Dr. Riggleman since 2005.  I take care of all the insurance and billing at the office along with lots of other assorted duties.  Dr. Riggleman or "Doc" as I call him has a great sense of humor and is very laid back and easy to talk to.  All of us girls get along great and we love to gang up on the doctor, you know, to keep him straight.  If you have any questions about your insurance and your coverage, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office.

When I started at Dr. Riggleman's office, I was being treated by my family physician for  daily headaches from a problem with my neck and shoulder area that I had suffered with for several years.  I was also showing signs of carpal tunnel syndrome with numbing pain in my hands and elbow.  Dr. Riggleman started adjusting me and I am happy to say that I have only had 2 headaches this whole year.  The carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared immediately, with an adjustment.  I also have been a spring allergy sufferer for 47 years and with getting my regular adjustments I am happy to say that even with our bad spring allergy season, this year, I have not had  to take any allergy medication for the past 3 years.  I consider myself a good example of how regular chiropractic care can really help improve your life in many different ways.

In Memory of Liz Sherman who we lost November 6th, 2010